Hugo Martinez Rapari

Danza de cometas (Kites' dance)
© 2017 Hugo Martinez Rapari

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Hugo Martínez lives and works in his hometown of Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay. Born in 1964, he’s been in a quest for art throughout all of his life. He started doing amateur drawing at an early age and in recent years started pursuing a formal and thorough training in arts and arts and crafts: painting, glass sculpture, glass silver and gold jewelry, photography

In 1990 he graduated as a Public Accountant from the University of Economic Sciences and Administration of the University of the Republic and has been practicing ever since. Two years after obtaining his degree Hugo traveled around South and North America (Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States of America). In these trips he learned about the essence and simplicity of the two continents. During this trip he started sensing how the continent’s countless bright and vibrant colors pervade onlookers with a certain feeling of unusual joy, vitality and coolness. Back home he started designing ornaments and lamps and studied design and interior design.
In 2005 he studied framing and started to work with mixed technique and acrylic, techniques with which he continues to work today*.
In 2007 Hugo set out to create with glass, he studied glass fusing and did pottery moulds for glass as well as sculptures in glass and iron. He also participated in a group exhibition. The following year he studied glass and glass fusing with M. Diez in Argentina, and jewelry in Uruguay. He started designing jewelry in glass, gold, silver and steel for the national brand “Fusionuy”. Later on he launched his artful jewelry collection.*
2009 and 2010: Hugo studies molding, hot molding and glass fusing with a renowned Argentinean artists, Art History, Pop Art and forms of life, Art Galleries Administration, Glass Casting, Sculpture and Latex molding, Photography etc.etc..

*Through a sort of abstract impressionism his works portray the colorful and spontaneous spirit of an inner life that is full of allegories and nature. His artistic mark -a series of unique and one of a kind colors- presents us with the discovery of color in its most profound, simple and pure hues. Free from false pretentions Hugo’s body of work takes shape it takes identifies itself deep in our spirit. Different sizes and supports enable an explosion of color".

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