Spirit will fight for Peace

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I was born in Iseyin, Nigeria in 1967, my first exposure to the arts and crafts that would become my life’s work came at the hands of my grandmother. A master in Indigo processes and decorative sewing, she taught me from the age of seven while passing along the rich cultural history behind these skills. The Yoruba civilization of Nigeria has been known for producing superior artisans since the tenth century and has retained this ability through educational storytelling in the oral tradition. Their depiction of true to life figures and situations in art predates their European counterparts by 400 years. With a solid foundation in Yoruba aesthetic, I began a Western style education through primary, secondary, Government Technical College and the Institute of Management Technology in Nigeria, toward a degree in Fine Art. Upon graduation, I started as an apprentice at the famed Nike Center for Art and Culture in Osogbo, Osun State. Here I concentrated in the disciplines of wood sculpture, reverse appliqué, embroidery and quilting. At Nike, I changed my focus from Western European modernism to develop my own interpretation of traditional arts, such as using batik on rice paper and Fabric. After sharpening my skills at Nike and also mastering traditional Yoruba dance, drum language and fire rituals, I decided to educate others. I focus primarily on painting and sculpture, but also hold educational workshops on the Yoruba civilization. I also run the gallery business. Established in Nigeria, I began to travel to different cities worldwide sharing the beauty of my culture through personal interpretation in painting and performance. I have toured the United States extensively, holding workshops in schools, universities and community centers, my work can currently be seen in several local shops and galleries.

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