A Dream Scape from the Reverie Dream Art Series
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Ilia is a fine artist and writer. Her artworks include oil and acrylic paintings, graphic arts, drawings, sculptures, poetry, photography, inspirational writings, prose, short stories, articles and novels.

She created a new art form January 1999 in acrylic painting and dubbed it Reverie Dream Art. This makes her artworks invaluable. The past artworks have increased in value. The value of ILIA’s works will continue to rise in value over time which makes her artworks a great investment.

Her intention when creating the Reverie Dream Art ă was to encourage the viewer to continue the create. Her artwork has so much impact on the viewer yet it is subtly done, peaceful and inspirational. Don’t let your first glimpse be your last – look again and again to find the deeper meanings and wonders. Her use of colors and blending technique speak to you with a vitality and passion with purpose and inspiration behind it.

Her writings are inspirational and have brought tears to the eyes of men. One piece in particular that is quite touching is a prose that she wrote titled "A Dream". In this piece she speaks of struggles in life and decisions, and an encouragement that is unforgetable: It Can Be Done. She encourages her readers to go for their goals in life - dare to dream and reach for the stars.

Her recent works include a love story that is g-rated in which morals and purposes are spoken of in a whimsical and entertaining way. This story is not only for young adults but it is also for adults. Her writing gets you interested and you find yourself propelled through to the very end staying interested, getting the moral side of the story and laughing uncontrollably at the silliness she creates.

On the other hand, ILIA creates such beauty in her Reverie Dream Art that a totally new aspect is opened up, a whole world of dreams, possibilities and encouragements in a different media. The present painting that ILIA is working on is in Honor of The Hohokam - which is the Native American Indian tribe that lived in Arizona long before it was a state in the USA. Once again ILIA invites the viewer to participate in her creation and to see life from her view.

Her works can be viewed online at ILIA’s Fine Art Gallery – . Appearances and Private Showings can be scheduled.

Although the worth of a new art form can be thought of as invaluable, you can add ILIA’s works to your collection by submitting offers.

Payment plans and credit cards are accepted.
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