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I am an artist and graphic designer specialising in painting with acrylics.
I studied the History of Art & Architecture at the University of East Anglia
and Graphic Design at the Norwich School of Art & Design in the
United Kingdom. Mainly set against rural backgrounds the imagery of
my canvases usually incorporates historical connotations. My early
work is thematic, often involving figures of hatted men set in
seventeenth century England. Of late that style has given way to an
open one including greater variation of subject matter. I try to apply
contrast within each image and sometimes this can provide a sense of
drama to the overall picture and is left for affect. On starting each
canvas there is often no hidden agenda. The themes on view usually
evolve while I paint. Sometimes these can become quite involved. At
other times these can remain quite simple. I try to stay as flexible as
possible moving from one area to the next. I hope that within my
paintings I am projecting something of an amalgamation of elements
with the aim of producing something new and fresh.
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