Ian Pearson

Le Saint-Esprit
© 2018 Ian Pearson

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Ian Pearson is a Toronto Artist and Video Editor, born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He moved to Toronto to Study Art and Filmmaking at the Ontario College of Art. His work reflects his interest in Canadian Politics and History.

My style is intended to be a blend of surrealism and pop art. The works and thoughts of people such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Marshal McLuan and Carl Jung have influenced the ideas that I pursue in my work. I am interested in archetypal images, such as those, which are used in the mass media. These types of images can have powerful symbolic meanings, which affect the unconscious. In my paintings, through the use of juxtaposition, I try to translate symbols into the language of dreams. Ideally these works would create interplay between the conscious and
subconscious mind.
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