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Was born in 1956 , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
1983-1984 Studied at External State University of Arts (Alexander Egorov's studio), Moscow, Russia.
1994 Repatriation to Israel.
1999 Work selected for “The Art Millennium Collection”, The Hague, The Netherlands.
1999 Chosen for “2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century” Encyclopedia, IBC, Cambridge, UK.
1998 The Renaissance 2001 International Art Group,Tokyo, Japan.
2000 The S.P.A.C.E. Artistic Community, Boston, MA, USA.
2000 The 218 ac Artistic Community, Piacenza, Italy.
1984 Group exhibition in Podolsk, Moscow region, Russia.
1991 Exhibition with Andranik Petrosyan, The Yerevan Youth Palace, Armenia.
1996 Group exhibition "Jaffa Nights", Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.
Group exhibition, Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1997 Solo exhibition, The Central House of Artists (CHA), Moscow, Russia - the first personal exhibition of an Israeli
artist at the CHA.
Group exhibition, City Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1998 "Menorah” exhibition, The Vine Gallery, Louisville, KY, USA.
Group exhibition "State of the Art's 98", Florence Events Center, Florence, OR, USA.
1999 Selections from The Vine Gallery, The Artists Theatre of Louisville Gallery, KY, USA
MAC 21 International Contemporary Art Fair and Art-e-mail, Exhibition Center Sur, Malaga, Spain.
First International Internet Festival, Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.
“The Renaissance 2001” group exhibition, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.
International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.
"Incontro al Mondo" exhibition, Sole Gallery, Piacenza, Italy.
2000 Personal exhibition, Jewish Community Center, Louisville, KY, USA.
"OldMail 1999/NewMail 2000" exhibition, The 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL, USA.
"1/2000" exhibition, College Jacques-Cartier, Chauny, France.
"How Both Men and Women View Women", Scollan Square Gallery, City Hall, Boston, MA, USA.
Personal exhibition, The 218 ac Artistic Community, Piacenza, Italy.
" Seeds" exhibition, Shomeido Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
"Jewish Moscow", Club of The Jewish Agency for Israel, Moscow, Russia.
Second International Internet Festival, Celtica Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.
Akiruno Art Festival, Tokyo, Japan.
Gilardi Prize,Gilardi Museum, Querceta, Ceravezza, Italy.
"Bit by Bit Digital", The Business of Art Center, Manitou Springs, CO, USA.
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