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We are design and producing and fix stained glass, tiffany glass, lamps, shades, mirrors since 1996. Our first job was in Austrian (Vienna) Rathaus company order 10000 round plummet lining crystal. The company was very satisfied and they are still ordering from us. Other references are keszthelyi Carmelite church, Festetich Castle and many restaurants and hotels around Europe. Our first priority is to bring back the original shape looks and feelings. Very important to us is to keep the originality and the time frame and the to keep the budget to. First we make a very detailed research and the second stage is a planning. The third stage is to implement the project on site. Many times we only have some pictures from the project and nothing else. However our experiences are very high, even just from the picture we are more than capable to fill full the partners requirement. Many doors and windows are created just from the costumer imagination. If you have any special project or just an ordinary piece, pleace don't hesitate and contact us. I can assure you, you will be more than satisfied.
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