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I am Hungarian, who was born in Romania Europe in 1957.
Since 1992 I live with my husband in Germany, in Gummersbach near Cologne.
I have also lived for two years in California.

I studied architectural design some time ago and worked in this field for a couple of years.
Now, looking back, it seems to be the right study for recognizing details in structure of objects, people and environment.

My earnest interest in photography began in the early 90 during a photo exhibition, where I was impressed by the new kind of digital media.
Since three years I concentrated my attention on the field of Fine Art Photography and I am still working hard for to teach myself.
Meanwhile I am convince to be able to develop an distinctive style, based on my own concept of creativity. Since three years semiprofessional photographer.

Many people say that digital photography is a manipulation of reality, but in my opinion it is an open door to personal creativity. Like paintings which are not necessary reality. From this point of view the results are more then photography in a classical style.
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