Istvan and Ildiko Parragh

Surreal Lion Dream
© 2018 Istvan and Ildiko Parragh

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We are Istvan Parragh and Ildiko Pataki, the artistic team behind the Embroidered Portraits.
We always loved animals. Our Embroidered Portraits are our attempt to show our fascination to the fabulous tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards etc… and last but not least our dogs we have lived and work with during our traveling as performers.

The Detailed (High Definition) Embroidery allowed us to show the personalities of these beautiful creatures of nature. Our realistic approach in the embroidery, to show they incredible intelligence through they eyes is mixed with painting to enhance the visual experience. Before we started stretching our Embroidered Portraits on canvas we decorated our furnishing and clothing with it. We never had a life exhibition; our artworks are shown on the internet in Virtual Galleries. Some of our Original Portraits are in private collections.

Our lifelong desire to artistically express ourselves led us the creations of many stage costumes, décor and other theater activities. We are self taught in some art technique, created a special mixed art form, we also had formal training. Our artistic talent was discovered at an early age by talent searches. We have studied many different arts and art history, including music, dance, pantomime, acting and singing, also painting, drawing, photography, make-up artistry, choreography, stage lighting, costume design, sewing, hand embroidery, in several prestigious Artist Academy in Budapest.
Please visit our website to see our current art collection on display.
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