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Born in Geneva, Switzerland, 1926 - in Israel since 1948
Photographer for 28 years at the Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa.

Ben-Arieh works mainly with the method of photomontage. His photographs are composed of a number of negatives, which were taken at various locations and times, and were assembled by him into final prints in the darkroom.

In the artist's pictures there frequently appear female nude motives, which seem to connect themselves with imaginary scenery. The result is the creation of a differently reality which emerges from the unconscious and is related with the world of myths and archetypes.

GALLERIES: Ben-Arieh took part in
international exhibitions: London, Southampton, Lincoln, Edinburgh, Moers,
Jicin, Istambul, Nicosia, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hamburg...
In addition:
Ben-Arieh participated in five international photographic meetings in
** The NATIONAL LIBRARY in Paris has acquired twelve photographs of the
artist's various exhibitions.
MEDIA: photography. STYLE: symbolic.
people, portraits and characters, Fantastic Photography.

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