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I am an artist. I am artistically challenged from hour one to hour 24, seven days a week. I became acquainted with the ability to control my thoughts long enough to make marks on various surfaces with various tools made for doing so, just under two years now. These last two years have felt more like two scores as every moment screams in a struggle for the control of myself as well as my ability to perform the Art Revolution I call magic.
Imagine that your life was one endless dream of extremely vivid and true life sensations. You keep waking up thinking you have awakened to reality but keep floating around like you are some form of heroic bird lunging out at all your dreams you instinctively pluck from the sky like fear flavored cotton candy clouds. When you finally do wake up you still cannot feel like a real person and the manic mental status that tortured you in the last chaotic dream you had creeps inside your head until yo finally emerge from the deep sweat of slumber into the dark face of reality.
Awakened and confused you start your day off until a lever inside your brain pleads pulled and gas from life and agony sparks tiny flames that resemble the need to create life as an art form. The shadows of sparks inside you crawl eagerly towards the valve of determination. There your ego solemnly collects enough encouragement to properly dismiss the vivid thoughts that keep barking in agonizing tones in the enchanted lobby of your brain. The wretched howls will continue for as long as the fear inside you consistantly rejects the proper notion of releasing your fury onto those blissful creative surfaces you call your artwork.
My name is Joseph Thomas Damore Jr. I am 21 years old. I was born November 21, 1980 at 10:11pm. I was first introduced to oil paint in January of 2001. Painting quickly became an obsession and soon sparked inspirations for the use of different mediums.
I am an untrained artist. Each piece of artistic documentation I compose becomes a way of teaching myself the fundamental techniques my artistic ambition craves. I am impatiently waiting for the opportunity to work large. My style is perfected to wage smooth wars on the gigantic surfaces of enormous buildings and colossal bulletin boards. Please help me in this epic battle. I am asking anyone who is interested in changing the world for the good of an artistic revolution to email me and feed me with your intellectual thoughts and reasons.
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