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I've been creating Art since the age of 16, I have a long name so I go by JEF-MV when I sign my work. I started off in Art self-taught, then attended Art College for 4 years in Philadelphia and then 1 year in Colorado. I have extended education and knowledge in Art History and I work in mixed medium, techno/digital Art and collage.
My vision is that Art is like prayer, each creation is a link to the Universe and an expression of my inner and outward realities.
My work is sometimes surreal, abstract, and figurative; depending on the mood and vision I am trying to share with the world.
To me, Art is like thought and thoughts have wings, therefore, I reach into my Art to create thoughts and emotions that fly form me to the viewer.

If I make you look, feel and think, then you too have stepped into my reality for a moment, and in that reality you find your own reality.
As all art is too is reality.






See what I made you do with your eyes? Thats Art. To LOOK, FEEL and

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