J Patrick Bowman

Tree Reflected III
© 2018 J Patrick Bowman

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J. Patrick Bowman's Artist Statement
Looking for and finding the unusual within the ordinary is the essence of my artistic philosophy.
Photography is the collection of light, shadow, color, texture and form. My goal as a photographer
is to collect these elements in such a manner as to extract the unusual out of the ordinary that I
encounter every day. Capturing those moments on film begins my work as a photographer.
Transferring those images in a way that faithfully depicts the complex, underlying scheme that
first engaged me is my work as an artist. The blending of the technical and artistic aspects
of my work is utilized as I edit images and produce prints.
My body of work is a loosely woven tapestry of scenic, travel, and fine art photography,
purposely remaining unbound at the edges so it can grow as I do.
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