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Country Charmer
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At an early age, Jaclyn drew everything in sight; it was apparent even then that she was an artistically gifted child. She was born in New York and raised in the countryside around the Catskills, observing daily the natural beauty around her and noticing the small details of life that others seemed to miss. Those early experiences have evolved into a career filled with art and visual wonder. As a self-taught artist, Jaclyn's spent a lifetime developing a unique style of personal expression. Her watercolor paintings are treasured by clients for the way they evoke the personalities and sensitivities of her subjects.

After Jaclyn found success with painting, she took her career one step further, combining her innate sense of interior design with her interest in fine art. Now, Jaclyn's techniques of combining color, texture, and style enable her patrons to play a part in the creative process of personalized art as well.

Jaclyn creates her watercolor paintings in a rich impressionist style, turning simple photographs into gallery quality art. In addition to her client work, Jaclyn has participated in major art shows across the country, from Santa Fe to New York City. Clients trust the expertise she brings to her work, knowing that their special photo will be transformed into a cherished piece of art. As a Jaclyn Brine patron, choose from Jaclyn's creative concepts, and find the looks that best fit your taste and style.

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