Jacqueline Palmiere

Hearts of Steel
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Jacqueline was born in Rochester New York and moved to Los Angeles when she was 24 years old. During those 12 years in L.A., Jacqueline started a design company with her best friend and created unique One of a Kind jewerly that were sold to the public as well as celebrities. Her ventures finally took her back to New York, where she has been focusing on her One of a Kind Jewelry, drawings and writing ever since.

Jacqueline's Jewelry Lines are unique, One of a Kind Pieces of Art to wear.

Jacqueline's drawings are erotic with a touch of romance and somtimes sadness. Most of her drawings are done with black ink on Heavy paper.

Jacqueline's Poetry and writing are very intimate and revealing.

Jacqueline has opened a Women's Boutique located in Pittsford New York where she spends her days creating in art to sell.
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