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Grandfather Tree waits patiently
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James Osher Born 1952 Married with 21year old son.
I am an early retiree from the life insurance and financial services business. I was an agent for 15 years when Hepatitis C forced me to pack it in. Now I spend much of my time taking pictures then running them through Photoshop to create the final image. I have no scruples regarding major manipulation of a photograph of mine. I was a painting student in college at the San Francisco Art Institute back in the early seventies. That was prior to my discovery of the "Magic of Life Insurance".
My wife is a professional illustrator and painter. I tag along with the camera.
Hepatitis C leaves many folks homebound with little to entertain themselves with. We "Heppos" have a web site where one can relax have fun, be creative either by writing or making pictures for each other. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel and see the world. So I decided to let my Heppo friends see it too through my distorted eyes. They loved it when I would return from some adventure loaded with images that please the eye. At least I hoped they did.
you will see that I like to travel alone to the great American Prairie and take pictures of the wide open spaces, where one can see the edges of the Earth all around one. I do not take many photographs of people. They move around too much. I do relish images of flora and fauna if I can find them. If the image is great by itself I will only clean it up and add borders. Much of the time I like to "paint" the image until it becomes an entirely different image. Many folks object to the ease of manipulation that Photoshop provides. I see it as painting without the mess.
I hope you enjoy my images. They are purely for fun, I have no inclination of selling them. Thank you and warm regards, Jamie Osher aka Hepschlep
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