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The primary belief that drives James' work is that human beings see with their mind, not their eyes. Image editing programs on the computer help him to create images that accentuate and highlight some objects in a photograph while hiding others. This technique shows people that the means is often as important or more important than the end. Bringing out emotions involved in paying attention to detail are another reason that James works this way.

The purely digital images, that is images created using only computer graphics programs, make the imagination see what will please the viewer in addition to being exercises in what is possible with lines, curves and textures. When viewed at a distance only a freeform graphic is apparent, when a closer perspective is taken one can see many images that speak to them alone.

Born in Colorado in 1968, James had a relatively uneventful, albeit typical midwestern upbringing (if you can call the 80's typical). An affliction for photography developed through a few art courses in high school. The basic theories concerning light and its relation to objects are skills that photography gave him and that he continues to use today. In addition to these skills James developed a unique eye for composition and concentration to details that make him a great Photographer.

Expanding these skills in college led to James entering the Colorado Institute of Art in 1989. A curriculum consisting of color theory and design proved to compliment existing talents better than imagined. The essential qualities of design and art, the use of color to affect mood, where to place curves and lines to lead the eye, are all part of the classes taught there making it one of the finest schools for graphics and art in the country. Being able to attend this school and acquire these skills, has helped James to be the Artist that he is today.

When computers started to become a widely accepted means of creating images, digital imaging was the logical next step. This exciting, dynamic medium used design skills and color theory knowledge very effectively while presenting it's users with a whole new set of techniques and skills to master. James was able to follow the technology from it's beginnings and work for some of the people that helped to develop it. A number of techniques that are used today were first proven by James while he was working as a Digital Imaging Specialist.
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