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Roses From Thorns
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James Xavier Barbour  was born in Dallas, Texas . A professional painter and sculptor who works from the figure and blends Old Master  techniques with contemporary narrative.

 His  interest lies in both the representation of the figure and in capturing those moments in life where world reality around us can appear to be like a dream reality.  Barbour believes that  in a sense everything in our environment and in ourselves is like a puzzle. Sometimes we create these environments and sometimes we do not . He enjoys making the viewer play the game of defining what the truth really is . Is the illusion the painting itself, or is it the subject within the painting.

Monumental in size,  his work intentionally courts ambiguity,  and  come from an inspiration and  love  for the  human figure, classical   techniques and  a  general  belief  that  an  artist  can  make a  difference  in this  troubled world  by the  work that  they  create   He is concerned with  anatomical and realistic accuracy  that convey a seriousness that requires attention to detail and a slow and rich execution. The images are portrayals of psychological conflict that exists in each of us at some level. It is an unfolding of specific complicated mental states translated into a visual experience.

Barbour maintains a very rigorous schedule of painting, sculpture, and drawing at his studio but also is an Instructor of Anatomy ,Figure Drawing and Art History at The Academy of Art College in San Francisco. He moved from New York City where he painted, exhibited, and taught for several years. 

James Xavier Barbour received an MFA. in Painting and Anatomy from the New York Academy of Art, a  BFA. from the Hartford Art School. He has studied at The Art Students League, and  in Italy where he trained in fresco, exhibited and was commissioned to do murals and free lance work in artistic conservation and restoration.

Barbour is represented in galleries throughout  New York, Texas and Los Angeles. His work is included in several private collections and has painted several murals  across the  U.S. and  abroad. 

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