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I find the act of creating analogous to a journey. A cross-country journey on foot. It can be a casual stroll, a sprint or a steady run.

Itís about the paths taken and the paths not taken. Itís the joy of the journey. Itís the constantly changing scenery and the exciting expectation of seeing beyond the horizon.

The artwork produced is a translation of that inner landscape to outer reality.
It is not the revelation of a vision but the vision of a revelation. Itís the panorama of what Iíve seen and the map of where Iíve been.

I am a digital artist. From the contemporary representational to the completely abstract, it begins with the computer and ends with a gicleť print. The computer is both the canvas and the brush.

But my passion is not for the technology, itís for the creative power and the freedom to explore as the journey progresses. Itís a passion for the infinite interplay between light, color and form. It fills me with a sense of integrity, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of wonder.

For me, and I suspect a great many other artists, it takes a good deal of courage to present something so personal. I do so only with the hope that a few of you will enjoy taking the journey and will nurture your own sense of wonder.

All works are Gicleť prints limited to an edition of fifty.

Images are 26''x19'' printed on 30''x23'' Arches 140# cold-pressed watercolor paper.

Priced at $225.00 per print
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