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Jan Leenders was born in 1976, in Belgium. He studied Communication Management and Graphic and Advertising Design. His graduation project about language in art woke up his interest for the pratical side of art.

"The main theme of my work could be seen as �the search�. I�m highly interested in the conceptual part of art, but I can�t ignore the plain power of a strong image, with no meaning whatsoever. In my work I�m constantly searching in both directions.
What I�m searching for, isn�t always clear, but one thing is sure: I�m constantly striving for conceptual and/or visual power, ways to make them stronger or work together. The result of a search isn�t always shown, just because the search never came to its conclusion or because the result of that search wasn�t satisfactory. I�m also trying out different media and materials. This leads to a way of working where the making of the work could be seen as more important than the result itself.
Some of my works are just a moment in a search, and exactly therefore show a lack of conceptual/visual strength. At the same time I�m very aware of the fact that the viewer, even if he sees just a moment in a search, always sees a work as an end result. This also influences my work.
All this leads to an oeuvre which isn�t homogenous, and that doesn�t have one typical style."

Belgian finalist of the Lexmark European Art Prize 2003
European semi-finalist of the Lexmark European Art Prize 2003
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