Janet Goertz

Brown Maiden. This is a member of my Mernian Series, a fantasy inspired collection available on my personal website along with many other pieces in a variety of genres.
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My name is Janet Goertz. My love of art and the untamed beauty of the Oklahoma countryside has long inspired me to create
sculpture that reflects the diversity of forms and figures which surround me. Each piece is first sculpted in clay and then cast in
hydrostone or cement. To ensure uniqueness and individuality, each piece is painted or dyed using a unique blend of colors and
shades. As a guarantee of quality and authenticity, each piece bears my signature logo and the year of its creation. My work
has appealed to collectors wordwide and can be found in many countries including the United States, Hondorous and Porta
Vallarta, Mexico, and Canada. For me, sculpture is more than just elements of stone and clay, but is instead a reflection of love
and life. Through my art, I hope to inspire that same love in all people through my work.

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