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Jaroslaw Kukowski (Poland) - he was born in 1972. He has been painting since youth. His public debut was in the
Gdansk "Stara Laznia" Gallery in 1994. In his early works it is possible to notice the attempt to analyze the world and
life against psychological background. The artist's work is directed towards the in-depth study of human nature. His
work is the world of surrealistic creatures, which disturb the spirit of sensitive observer. In his work we can notice
the grotesque and mockery of imperfections of life, and sense the signals of danger and threat.
His works were displayed in The Department of The National Museum "Krolikarnia", Salons of the Auction House Rempex, "Gallery BP", Gallery "Tamka", "Gallery SD", "Gallery Bellotto"- in Warsaw; Museum of Galicia, Bunker of Art, Gallery "Turlej Fundation"- in Krakow; Voergaard Castle, Gallery Herning, Gallery Kolding - in Denmark; Art Expo in New York, and many other galleries and museums.
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