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My name is Jason Jenkins, but most people call me Artie Jynx. I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi, the deep and dirty south, where artwork or the appreciation of it is rarely accepted. I've got a degree in art from this same state. Go figure. My love for art and my insatiable appetite to produce it has long been with me, ever since I was a child. There is not a day that goes by that I don't have paint or graphite, chalk, charcoal or ink on my hands. I think that I draw and paint more than I breathe. As far as painting goes, I started painting live, in public, with rock and blues bands in Jackson around 2007... very incredibly different than painting in your studio at home for sure. This took off and I began painting faster and better and within a year I was painting behind a different band almost every night of the week at a different bar or venue.... People really liked what I was doing and I started to get some recognition in the small underground of Jackson... but it was still Mississippi and you can only go so far. I had to get out. So in the waining year of 2009 I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to look for brighter horizons. So, now I live in the sunshine state and I still paint with local bands and also paint live at Chappy's restaurant every weekend. Most of my paintings on this site were painted live within one night or, rather, in a 2 1/2 - 3 hour period. I wouldn't want any thing else for my life: to be enveloped by art, to breathe it and taste it. To dream it and make it. To be part of it and fall in love with it.
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