Jason Nayler

Bristish Solid Oak Coffe Table
© 2018 Jason Nayler

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I am a partner of RiceDesign. A company of two accomplished artists that specialise in a vast range of mediums. We are a dedicated team that brings back the personal service to design. Not only being proud of the work we achieve but the relationship that grows between client and RiceDesign. Keeping regular checks on previous work. Making sure that the piece is still 100% in tack. We endeavor to correct any problems free of charge

RiceDesign has skilled experience with projects that cross the arts medium. Working with multiple arts agencies that cover the West and East Midlands. Borough Councils that commission us to facilitate community projects within schools, youth centres, elderly residential homes, village hall, e.t.c. We are also represented by Arts Councils in the Midlands and Shires. They seek government funding, lottery funding, e.t.c to enable RiceDesign to run workshops in producing public and educational art.

Through this site we are exploring chainsaw sculpture and furniture design that uses the beauty and rawness of natural wood.Commissions are being taken for a hand crafted solid oak coffee tables. Priced from 500.00.
Other Sulptures and designs will follow.
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