Jason Princess

I'm cooooooooooooooooooool cause this face is cool
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HI my name is jason. i cry a lot and am a spoiled brat. even though i am ugly i think that i shuld date the hottest super model in the world and that i was born with a golden spoon up my arse. me a dinky di of a pen shoving obsessive compulsive happy boy :) like a girl in a hot run, i am the moonlight princess.

i like like rock bands like creed, stained, kid rock, limp bizkit, korn, new metallica, nickleback, and SLIPKNOT IS MY FAVORITE.

I am a trendie who acts like everyone else. i talk about what everyone else talks about because i am braindead. i like donuts, i like to eat grass out ofmy backyard :E

ummm yeah so huh huh

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