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New York painter and sculptor JASUN MARTZ has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London and has created and exhibited "raw expressionist" paintings and papier-m‰chŽ sculpture inspired by the subway passengers he encounters in each city. He collaborated with noted French modern master JEAN DUBUFFET on the artwork for MartzŐs critically acclaimed avant-garde symphony entitled The Pillory.

Jasun studied and graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelors degree in sculpture. Additionally he studied at the University of California, Los Angeles; New York University; California State University, Northridge; Art Center College of Design

Jasun began his music career at an early age, signing his first professional recording and publishing contract at the age of 15. An internationally renowned musician, composer and producer, he has recorded and toured with MICHAEL JACKSON (appears on five of JacksonŐs CDs and three video/DVDs) FRANK ZAPPA and he's embarrassed to admit, he co-arranged STARSHIP's # 1 hit, We Built This City On Rock and Roll. Jasun conducted a 40-piece orchestra in his critically acclaimed avant-garde symphony The Pillory. It has received hundreds of international reviews and has often been called a contemporary masterpiece. Billboard Magazine selected The Pillory as a Top Album Pick. JasunŐs most recent CD, The Sin Circle features his artwork.

Jasun currently lives in New York. His art is collected internationally.

"When I ride the New York Subways, I stare at the faces. Most people look down and avoid eye contact... oblivious. I love that fate has thrown this motley lot of passengers together. Every type of person on this earth is accounted for on a metropolitan subway train. The grinding of metal wheels on metal tracks makes the ride musical but it's the faces of the fellow passengers that make it memorable. When the riders exit the car, I know I'll never see them again. But their hopes, dreams and fears are dutifully captured forever in my art."

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