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started by helping the senior citizens my wife works as an manager of the old agnew state hospital area that was tore down an made to be a rest home for seniors got a lot of chance's to help them with the art of painting abstract's and glass paints, a lot of time's I was told to be there eye's
so they could enjoy the art, you know some seniors move on and you kind of miss there style of art,so I tryed a little my self and was told to trash
it by my wife as i walked down the hall to the trash can I stopped the neighbor that worked for the church in san jose ca and asked her if they needed any art work they took it and also we talked outside her apartment and I was approched by another artist named julian and he asked me if he could see the rest of the abstracts he said they should be for sale
not for trash he also asked if i would like to learn more of course I said yes.

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