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Javier Marchán was born in Barcelona in 1967. He studied fine art and contemporary critical theory at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
His career as a visual artist was launched in 1996 at the New Contemporaries, Tate Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Javier Marchán (1967) engages on interdisciplinary aspects of contemporary art, design and theory. His artworks use a variety of media (mixed-media, audio-visual, text, photography and graphics) in different formats (film, 3-D sculpture, installation)

Marchán’s works have their origin in a creative play between the objective world of surfaces and the inner workings of one’s always drifting consciousness. He favours a visual practice where the representative nature of meaning — bounding together what we call ‘reality’ — gets emptied out momentarily. This methodology is done in order to get a more profound relation to art and to the perception of reality.

At the surface it might seem that Marchán’s borrowings are in line with highly stylised forms proper of contemporary advertisement and design. However, it is through a process of abstraction and timelessness – proposing non-objective shifts in our interpretative awareness - when these became offerings intrinsically linked to ideas of significance and nature.

Javier Marchán has been working both independently and in collaboration with many individuals from different disciplines. His work is being exhibited internationally challenging traditional formats of artistic practice.
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