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A little something about Jean Paul Delaye

I was born in 1974 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada during my father’s studies in artificial intelligence. Three years later I was taken to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where I drank in the culture and much tequila, and where I was expelled from the Pierre Faure school for painting naked women and other pleasing sexual images in the bathrooms.

After, I followed open studies to pass the time and met, thanks to a pair of green pants by “Naf Naf,” my irresistible Marie Pierre.

 At age 17 I motivated myself to work as a graphic designer in Mexico City where I learned, among other things, sfor the newspaper, “La Vanguardia.”

 In 1997 I returned to Canada to study painting at the Ontario School of Art and Design. Remembering how much I enjoyed, at the age of eight, taking summer classes given by the painter Tony Guerra, I thought it was time to do more of the same.

Later on, I traveled to Barcelona where I learned the technique of print engraving in the workshops “Leonardo da Vinci” and “Massana,” with the master Yu Ninomiya.

I continue to live in Barcelona working as an artist where my friends call me, “El Conqueridor,” thanks to their finding out that I am a descendant of King Jaume I.
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