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I was born in Nyack, New York on October 9, 1959. My name is Jeanna Michele, but they put Johnathan Michael on my birth certificate by mistake. My parents did want a boy, but I'm glad the document was soon corrected. My toddler days were anything but uneventful. While I was in and out of the hospital for anemia, my parents were divorcing. My mother soon remarried, but New York was not good enough for my step father's new family. He drove us to Phoenix. My older sister and younger brother were bored, but I loved every minute of travelling and seeing the country. Growing up in Arizona was an experience. Almost every weekend we went camping in a different location. This has installed in me an everlasting love for nature and concern for the environment.

My junior high days were also spent in and out of the hospital. The hard work and caring all the nurses showed me made me want to be a nurse. I soon realized however that I did not have the stomach for a nursing career. In high school I took a course in creative writing. I found something I enjoyed doing that kept my meals down and let my imagination soar. I later took a college course in graphic design and although my computer skills are obsolete, I will always enjoy drawing. My work varies from portraits and landscapes to ads and distortions.

I now live in Florida with my nephews. My sister passed away a few years ago and I took care of her sons Eddie and Louis. The boys are grown now, and I work at a Winn Dixie food market managing the seafood department. (Neighborhood cats follow me home after work. Wonder why?) I like to spend my time shopping, learning from the internet, taking long walks, and working with the children at my church. (Sometimes I feel like they teach me.) Reading is a big pleasure for me. Using my love of drawing and writing to do some good, and help others, is my goal.

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