Jeanne-Marie Meyer

All Those Who Wander...
© 2018 Jeanne-Marie Meyer

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Jeanne-Marie Meyer, was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas at a young age. She attended the University of Arkansas and received her BFA in Photography in Fall 2006. Since then she has traveled the world and worked as a photographer and artist.

Her artwork mainly focuses in the use of collage and multiple images. Jeanne-Marie's work is much like a game of "I Spy", where the viewer's eye is constantly searching for the way to reconstruct the multiple images into their original forms and develop new impressions from them than if they had views the multiple pieces as separate, discreet objects.

This image is from her "All Those Who Wander..." series. This series was the artist's attempt to capture the mystery and beauty discovered when traveling along the backroads of Arkansas. In this particular image the viewer can see a mill pond and our wandering protagonist, with a map to the location embedded into the background.
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