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Wind of Colour
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Jeff Cabral

Artist Statement
Although it only made sense to him a few years ago, Jeff Cabral had been cultivating the eye and mind of a painter since childhood. "Suddenly all of the commercial artwork and projects done with teams of creative people just was not enough of an outlet for my creative visions. I paint for mostly selfish reasons I just wanted my work to be totally my own not a compromise and I love it."

Emerging artist Jeff Cabral’s recent work has been created as a way of exploring different and often conflicting emotions. Most of the images are based on a theme and a need to have a connection with something greater, a glimpse of hope amidst emotional turmoil. His paintings attempt to reveal the “extraordinary” nature of different colour palates and the movement expressed through his painting techniques, giving his work meaning.

For instance, the painting, Winds of Colour, depicts an abstract almost shimmering impression of a landscape that is full of energy and yet also has a stillness conveyed by the stylized wisps of trees along the bottom . “In this painting I captured the feeling of an abstract sky exploding with color and the awe of having witnessed something beautiful” He also has a self confessed 'obsession' with faces and figurative subject matter which he has explored in his new collection of paintings.

Jeff Cabral has been involved in the development and distribution of over 30 CD-ROM interactive entertainment titles over the past eight years and 60 projects in total in all areas of interactive and animation media production.

A diverse and prolific artist, who works in a variety of mediums, in a world where visuals drive concepts, he has a gift for creating synergies that merge the two. Mr. Cabral has overseen multiple broadcast and interactive projects simultaneously. He is a passionate leader of production teams in the areas of entertainment interactive initiatives and animation. Mr. Cabral's background as an illustrator, 3D-animator, creative director, and producer has provided him with the a unique perspective with which he approaches all of his artwork.

Jeff Cabral was born in 1973 in Toronto. In 1993, he graduated from the Seneca College Communication Arts with a with a Diploma in 3D Computer Animation and illustration. He also studied York University B.F.A. (Studio Major) until 1995. He has traveled extensively all over the world both for personal and business. He is also an Honorarium Member and has been a Guest
Lecturer of the prestigious Sheridan College's School of Computer Animation. He has also worked with the O.M.D.C (Ontario Media Development Corporation) as an Executive Producer (consultant) E3 in Los Angels mentoring new producers. He is also one of the founding members of NMBA (New Media Business Alliance) and one of the board of directors, serving as Director of Industry Liaison. Cabral also volunteers and helps with may charitable organizations.
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