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My art is a little bit different, somewhat unique and often whimsical. It can evoke a smile from the observer. You will see my sense of humor in my art. I recycle trash (material to me). I am always looking for objects to incorporate into my artwork. All things have already been created—I just observe and Providence gives me the ability, insight and talent to put it together. I have an artist’s eye and see an arrangement or pattern or something that a lot of people would ordinarily miss.

I feel that my art is the juxtaposition of color, the elements, light, space and time. I feel a personal relationship between my earthly surroundings and the passages of time. The casual fleeting glimpses I gather of my brief journey in this world and store into my subconscious. It is later on that I retrieve and weave these images into a tapestry of dreams; visions and then I make artwork from these experiences. I say we all need to slowly observe the wonders of nature and take ourselves less seriously. We all need to take a deep breath, exhale slowly, complain less frequently, totally relax and smile more: because our lives are truly only a vapor.

I did arty-crafty things throughout my childhood. When the “Paint-by- Numbers” was in vogue, I was given a picture to paint. I did not like to just paint the picture as received, no not me. I had to add my own take by mixing up the numbers (removing the caps and then putting them back on, but not on the correct color) and then paint the picture. Yep, I got into trouble—I had ruined the painting! Ha! When I was seven I would watch my stepsister darn socks. I asked her if I could have some old socks she didn’t want and she gave me some. I made sock puppets. I added buttons for the eyes and I would use scraps of cloth for the other parts. They thought I was very strange and weird. I loved making the puppets and then I would amuse myself playing imaginary games with them. They became my friends.

I inherited my abilities and talents from my father and mother. My father was a commercial artist and my mother could have been an artist because she came from an artistic family. Her brothers were stonemasons and musicians. My great grandfather on my father's side was a cooper. There are artists galore in my nuclear family as well: photographers, painters, sketchers, crafts, musicians, etc.

I don’t and won’t do just one art genre, because I have too many interests and I like to be as creative as possible. Don’t fence me in, ok? The photo I submitted is a digital self-portrait of me. Thanks for looking, regards, Jeff Wesley, (weseye)
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