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Jeffrey LeClair - Contemporary painter / sculptor
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Artist and Composer Jeffrey LeClair was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He moved to Toronto in 1979 to study drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art.

Along with designing the album cover for Rita Coolidge's Fire Me Back he has contracted to the Okee Dokee company.

His music has been released internationally under the pseudonyn SHIRTLIFTER. With three albums to his credit, Dirty Funky House, Fuel, and Fans In The City, his music has also been included on various compilations and has been broadcasted worldwide.

In 1984 Jeffrey launched an original clothing line, Jeffrey LeClair Funwear which featured hand-painted leather jackets, sweat shirts, tee-shirts, and parachute pants. The one-of-a-kind designs were available through over sixty stores in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York, Winnipeg, Florida and California.

His permanent public works include a large canvas, "Crowd", at Toronto Skydome and "Blah Blah Blah" on display in the Main Reception of CJRT FM, Toronto.

In 1982 he was commissioned by Jacob Harary of Lidchi International to produce paintings and other works of art. Jean Boudreau commissioned him the following year to produce canvases for the Soho restaurant, Statlander's.

Jeffrey LeClair has been interviewed on City Line with Marilyn Denis , CITY TV with Michele Gibson, CFTO TV with Glen Cockrane, CBC Television's "Switchback" with Howard Bussgang, CHCH TV's "Backstage" with Jennifer Nelson, CFRB FM with Bob Bratina, and CJRT FM with Tom Folton.


Programmed. Paint to uncross wires. Taught not to poke a fork into light socket. Painting feels invigorating. A piece evokes a smile. Energetic. A way to climb out of problems -- into new.

Civilization, Spirituality, Technology, Iconography. Spontaneity. My younger self. My inner voice. Passionate and optimistic. Rich colors. Brush as magicianís wand. Paint as candy. Violet flame. Saint Germain. Physical. Bold slashes. Scribbling. Scratching. Mood loose. Covered in paint. Tools for exploration. Light from within. Texture from life. Balance depends on manifestation. Three-dimensional bridges to the exterior world. Remembering to try. Purity and Destiny. Blessed.

Acrylic and mixed-media. Art and music. Exploring the possibilities. Utilizing canvases for each piece in More Songs About Gods. Attempting a relationship. A cross-platform experience and the challenge to link.

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