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Who the is Jehan Legac?
An introduction to a remarkable digital "painter"

Shortly after Jehan had started his website, in march 2001, he found unexpected promotion when Mystique Magazine and Hitboss, amongst a number of others that are already too many to list here, gave him exposure that drew a lot of people towards his website.

Within three months he had over 40.000 visitors and that was only the beginning. I was one of those people that entered the "Site of the Day" link at Mystique Magazine, which has grown to become my "home of beauty". The links between two apparently different sites, an erotic magazine and a digital artist, obviously were the "mystique" of Eros and the original, loving and artful approach of the feminine beauty. But let's draw our attention towards Legac's side of it.

As soon as you start watching those "finalizations of his inspiration" you'll start detecting preferences for several of them and a, however hidden, desire to obtain or possess your favorite one(s). Even if you're not the common, potential art collector.
If you like to express what you feel by watching those imaginative creations, Jehan Legac offers the possibility to comment it in any way you like, or even dislike.

Be prepared to find a dream world of well-balanced coloring and shapes that pays tribute to Venus and Eros, as well as the sensual and erotic feminine shape and emotion, incidentally combined with the male erotic presence. Even his more "pornographic" art should be mentioned differently: More like "erographic" or "erogital art". He made several of his artworks in different color variations, but normally the one he selects for "first look" is the ultimate version, with the most powerful color-balance.

It would surprise me if you wouldn't find at least one or two of his creative products to developing a very special feeling within you. Consider your entry in this site to be like stepping into another man's dream world. I never regretted one single entry, checking upon yet another series of new "heart and soul" expressions.

Enter Jehan Legac's fantasy and let yourself be surprised by the "mystique" and sensuality of his digital creativeness, which is greatly inspired by his lovely wife Thea, being "recreated" in various ways throughout Jehan's complete works. Apart from her there's also some more famous females to be found reshaped and I would not be the least surprised if in the near future many of them would lineup to become part of Jehan Legac's legacy. (by Querinus)

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