Jerome Deppe

Pear Study - cyanotype 2004
© 2018 Jerome Deppe

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An independent visual and performing artist based in Baltimore Maryland. Jerome got his start musically with the obscure performing troupe “Alternative Cabaret” in the late 80”s with such groundbreaking acts as David E. Williams, Sweet Alice (soon to be X-Factor of Warrior Soul) and the Goth influenced dance music duo - Apache Dancing in Limbo. Jerome’s visual art resume was already established at this time with his completion of studies at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. He has enjoyed success and acclaim with his traveling exhibit “The Stations of the Cross”, a controversial photographic rendition of the passion and death of Christ that debuted 15 years before Mel Gibson’s epic film was ever viewed. Musically, Jerome has continued his collaborative relationship with David E.Williams since 1990 as well as performing with David and the late Rozz Williams in the now notorious Dark Harvest II event (Accept the Gift of Sin-Hollow Hills records). Now he has released his first solo recording “The Absence of Light” on Old Europa Cafe AVS based in Pordenone Italy. Jerome has continued making art and music despite countless years of personal challenges and an ever-declining interest in intelligent, original musical works here in the United States. Currently, Jerome is working in his 24 track studio - Subterranean - on a new musical venture. Interested visitors may view selections from Jerome’s voluminous portfolio of photographic experiments by visiting his website. All images were created using a combination of modern and vintage large format view cameras employing traditional printing techniques without digital manipulation.
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