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Child of Circumstance
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Art has always taken a prominent place in Jerome's life. He considers himself mostly self taught even though he has successfully completed a specialized art program in high school and has pursued other artistic training to refine his skills.

He began exhibiting and selling his work in galleries and through commissions in 1982. He has also participated in several group shows and gallery exhibits. During this period he painted in oils and watercolours. He also did pen and ink and graphite drawings. Many of his works now hang in private collections in Canada, the United States and Italy.

In 1993 Jerome received his diploma in creative advertising from Algonquin College. He spent the rest of the next period in his life pursuing a career in creative advertising and graphic design. He has worked for a number of publications as an advertising consultant and has provided graphic design services as a freelancer to several marketing firms.

From 1996 to 2000 Jerome worked for Corel Corporation as a Lead Graphic Designer. Upon leaving the company he co-founded ImageBender Communications, holding the title of Art Director. In 2003 he left the partnership to start his own graphic design company, Visual One Design. He his currently Creative Director of this successful company and provides services to a growing number of clients.

Jerome has never given up his passion for painting. In 2006 he returned to his natural talent and resumed his artwork. His career in creative advertising and graphic design has provided Jerome the opportunity to enhance his visual communications and layout skills. He continues to use these skills in his paintings.

Jerome has expanded his techniques to include acrylic painting, photo collages and mixed media. The persistent experimentation in presentation has allowed him to jump from a two-dimensional surface to a three-dimensional stage that allows him to create art that is part painting, part sculpture.

His art exhibits a provocative quality that captures the viewer's attention and engages intellectual senses. The use of colour, images and composition are designed to make observers think and interpret the symbolism through their own experiences. He encourages viewers to delve into their consciousness to find a personal interpretation to each piece. This is definitely the best way to experience Jerome’s artwork.
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