Jill Musser

Backyard Garden - Burgundy, France
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There was a special curiosity fostered in me as a child. Stories I heard about 2 great aunts who spent their adult lives in France tickled my imagination. A painting trip to France in 1996 furthered my interest. Since then, I have been painting European subjects with great joy. These scenes are often the landscape with an architectural or figure element included to lend scale to the subject. In addition, I may find interior scenes to capture on canvas. I also enjoy painting still life and landscapes around home here in Colorado.

My painting style would be classifed as representational with an impressionist look. I enjoy creating strong color and texture with oils on canvas.

Art Background
Fine Art Major at Colorado State University - 1959-1963

Workshops and studies with artists Ray Vinella, Kim English, Skip Whitcomb, Scott Christiansen, Teresa Vito and Jeanne MacKenzie

Quang Ho's one-year Professional Studies Class at the Art Students League of Denver, 1999

On-going independent art study in Colorado, Europe and other travels

Studios of Jill Musser

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