Jing Nuan Wu

The Hidden Cure
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Dr. Jing Nuan Wu immigrated to the United States from China as a small child. A laundryman's son, he graduated from Harvard, became a highly successful venture capitalist on Wall Street and later went to Hong Kong to do graduate work in Chinese philosophy and healing.

Dr. Wu maintains a legendary acupuncture practice at the Taoist Health Institute in Washington D.C. He is reputed for his treatment of illnesses and conditions ranging from cancer to drug addiction to multiple sclerosis and infertility.

Dr. Wu is also renowned for his translation of the Ling Shu, a 2600BC treatise on acupuncture as well as the Yi Jing, a book of divination or change over time. Currently, he is publishing the first fully illustrated Chinese Materia Medica, a compilation of over three hundred herbs and their medical uses.

Continuing to explore different applictions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Wu began making art as a tool for healing. The first medical literature in China written some 4,000 years ago proposes that taste, sound, color and imagery can be used to promote wellness or "getting into harmony". In Dr. Wu painting and sculpture, color and image merge into "visual music", capturing attention and changing body processes. Like the needle, art restores balance and well being.

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