Jodi Scyphers

Storm at Dawn
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I have lived in Idaho my entire life. For the past 15 years I have worked as a whitewater rafting guide during the summer, and that is where I discovered my passion for taking pictures. Besides being able to take great action shots, being on the river gave me the opportunity to capture the awesome beauty of the Idaho wilderness.
As my new found interest grew, so did my bill at the local store specializing in cameras and custom developing. To help support my hobby I took a part time position in their photo lab. For 10 years I printed photos on a Konica Nice Print system, and did custom enlargements {which I loved doing} in the darkroom. I loved being able to see the wide variety of images that came through the lab each day. During that time I developed a strong opinion of what I believe makes a good image and what does not. So many of the pictures that I printed over the years seemed so busy and full of clutter, I think there is an art to knowing when less is more.
When digital cameras first became popular I tried to convince myself that they were a passing phase. I said that I would never go digital. I finally broke down and got one and fell in love with the freedom of being able to edit my own work at home. I left my job at the lab to pursue a career as a freelance photographer and digital editor.


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