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Should anyone dare to capture life's intricacies, it's Joe Dimino.
Much of the inspiration for Joe's work comes from his own
knowledge and vision of this existence. Joe Dimino's art, from acrylic
to oil to photo imagery is a reflection of his view of the world. Joe truly
values life. As a new father, Joe especially appreciates the details and minute beauty that life offers every day. Fatherhood has encouraged him to continue exploring beyond the confines of normalcy through the color, image, and style of his distinctive painting and photography.

Joe's honesty, passion, and desire to breathe life into every moment are all evident in his work. Joe looks beyond the surface, searches for the inner beauty of his subjects and brings them to life with a variety of mediums. His interpretations are often fun, at times soulful but they are always a reflection of Joe's view of the world. His work has been escribed as, "full of life," "startling colorful…rich and decisive," "fun," nd "beautiful interpretations of how we all want to envision the world." Joe, himself, has been described as, "a talent to watch out our," "enormously driven by a desire to connect the luscious world of art and our own timid existence," and "a man for whom the normal conventions of art are nonexistent."

Over the past 10 years Joe has focused mostly on mastering the art of color and texture. Currently he is developing a series of mixed mediums that incorporate both photography and painting entitled, "Snapshots: Instants Idealized." His work has been shown in a variety of environments and is always greeted with enthusiasm. Joe's endless pursuit within his own work and for the future of art in general is empowering more people to experience real "live" art. "It's a shame," he notes, "that in everyday life most people only get to experience art in the form of a poster. I'd love to give people the opportunity more often to see real paints on real canvas…to see the way paint can seem to be in motion and color breathe."
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