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Artist’s Bio

Studied at Ealing College of Art, London, England.

John Clive is regarded as a leading innovator of visual effects in the film industry. He played a pioneering role in digital techniques such as crowd cloning, morphing & photo realistic computer animation. He has lectured, broadcast and written articles on these subjects for, amongst others, the National Film Theatre, the BBC & the American Cinematographer Magazine. He has also worked as a consultant and visual effects designer for other film makers, including David Putnam, Mel Gibson and Franco Zefferelli.

Clive has used computers to create imagery since the arrival of the first Quantel Paintbox in the eighties.

John Clive’s art works are in private collections in the U.S. and the U.K.

“The work of John Clive is very much about the surfaces he creates… these are masterful demonstrations of how the cold calculating computer can simulate the supposedly wild abandon and mystery of that mode (abstract expressionism) of art making… he maps his expressive colors and textures to three dimensional surfaces and achieves the sort of “synthesis” that I hold to be the true power of digital tools to create significant and unique art. …this work takes flight and demonstrates just where we are heading with digital art.”
(J.D. Jarvis of the Museum of Computer Art on the work of John Clive.)
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