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It's a long way to Transylvania, but you can't get there from here. Born in the USA on the Jersey Shore, John DAgostino, Eccentric Artist began his journey as an artist at a young age. Traveling and living in many parts of the U.S.- New York, Miami, and the Mid-West he absorbed influences from art "high" and "low". But his greatest influence were the words of Licio Isolani, a New York performance artist who he worked with in the late 70's. Licio was considered pretty eccentric. He taught me that an artist is always an artist weather he has commercial success or is recognized or not. Even if you are surviving by polishing shoes at a golf course, as John once did, you are still an artist. If you take these words to heart and try to live your life by these words, you to will inevitability become eccentric, maybe even deranged. John at one time was known as Clockman and showed at The Gallery of the Eccentric in Coral Gables, Florida, lived in a house boat on the Miami River, and managed a 6000 sq.ft. warehouse for artists and writers and musicians. He made child-like paintings on wood scraps and made them into clocks. Besides the words of Isolani, his travels to Africa were his greatest inspiration. He soaked up the sun and colors of West African textile design while living in Togo for 2 1/2 years and he has visited many African countries. Before moving to Transylvania he lived in Istanbul for six years where he continued to paint, do mixed-media pieces and sculpt in clay. He also got into making web sites - because making paintings on wood and sculpting is crazy if you need to travel light. No more leaving hordes of art in foreign countries. Go to the web and see his work past and present at .
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