John Well-Off-Man

Little Bear, oil on linen, 1998
© 2018 John Well-Off-Man

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John Well-Off-Man, a member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe, was born and raised in Havre, Montana, and on the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. He received his diploma in photography from Ohio Visual Art Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio in 1978, and an Associate of Fine Arts degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1990. John Well-Off-Man produced the visual exhibit "Their Eyes Tell Everything," a photo-history of the Montana Chippewa-Cree with a grant from the Montana Committee for the Humanities. This exhibit is now in the permanent collection of the Montana Museum of Art and Culture. John Well-Off-Man's artworks are exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in the permanent collection of the Westphalian State Museum of Natural History in Muenster, Germany. The artist is well known for his series of oil portraits rendered in brilliant textured colors using nails and tooth picks instead of brushes. These portraits were meant to honor the old timers of Chief Rocky Boy's band of Ojibwe and Little Bear's band of Cree. John is going to set up a printmaking studio in Missoula, Montana.

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