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After leaving College where I trained as a textile designer I worked in the textile printing industry as well as selling my own work within the textile market. These designs were selling to designers throughout the world who would put them on their office and studio walls so I made the move into painting. I have been painting for about 13 years and exhibited at many venues in Wales. I express my self visually and always find writing things about my work a little frustrating. By defining, listing and giving reasons I feel that I am concluding something. My work has always grown and changed with me, it will continue to encourage and enrich me. I don't know what direction it may take or if it will ever be concluded. My paintings are really the backbone of the rest of my work this is where I generate ideas and experiment with the characters. They are all created out of a need to interpret and understand information and myself. The characters have been created trough a process of simplification they are probably me in some form or other. The orange nose cone is an alter ego that is probably also myself. The characters surroundings exist to help or hinder ultimately they become static image that explain a moment in time a particular feeling or an event that I feel is important


I have painted and exhibited in Wales for the last 12 years.

Film Producing animation for S4C as part of their 'short shorts'. Using traditional stop frame animation methods, paper cutouts and animated paint. Also responsible for all sound production and postproduction editing. Current projects include developing animation sequences for next 'short shorts' using 3Ds max, to cut pre-production time Editing a short film on the making of "Claiming the rainbow" as part of a series on Welsh animators for S4C

Painted Skin Associate producer on a short film "Painted Skin" produced by an independent "Gringo productions" as part of a series of films on body modification.

Industrial experience

Jamison Print, London, an established textile printer. Contracts included Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor, Jean Muir, Nat West Bank, Betty Jackson, Johnson's, Liza Bruce and Body map. Selling textile designs through agents to clients in New York, San Francisco, Milan and Japan. Designed textiles for Geoff Banks' Warehouse collection.

Education and training

First class honours degree in Printed Textiles, Liverpool Polytechnic 1985 Royal Society of Arts Certificate in postgraduate industrial experience at Jamison Print 1986

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