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Matzos Painting
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We are living in an Altermodern era, and many artists are beginning to realise that a massive gap is being formed between the Arts and the culture in which we operate. It has begun to seem as if the most culturally relevant means of communicating – Social Media websites - is barred to us, with very few artists finding ways to use these communication tools of the Internet as a medium for their work.

One way that we artists can respond is by intentionally creating work for this media - not as a sideline or even a marketing tool, but in a way that the actual exhibition of the work on the Internet is central to understanding the piece (this way the work can truly be described as ‘Altermodern Art’). The work that exists in cyberspace will be described as the ‘art work’, whilst the physical piece that is able to be viewed in a portfolio, an art gallery or other venue will be the evidence of the work. aims to help you close the gap between the Arts and culture by providing a platform to assist artists to display content on the Internet, perhaps combined with, or followed up by, the usual land-based exhibition. If you have a real intention to be considered an 'Altermodern Artist' and really do want to create Altermodern Art websites where people pay to see your art (and, maybe, to own it themselves), then add your location and we at will do our best to direct audiences to you.
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