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Spirit rising
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Self taught, I embarked in this path as a therapeutic tool with the only conviction of transferring my inner world to the exterior . After many years of experimentation with different media I want to share my perspective on life, death and magic. With the encouragement of many of my friends and clients I want to share my work with only one expectation on my part: to stimulate an imprint on the viewer; Whatever feeling is generated by my expression; to me, that is art. only then will it be a true form of communication.
I was born in the midst of a border town in Mexico where hopes for the illusory better life up north are broken by the reality of the obstacles of crossing the Rio Grand. It is among the misery and the laughter, the hopes and reality, and the struggle to assimilate another culture and still retain my roots that I immersed myself in a world of fantasy and magic. The first incursion to draw was when I learned to draw mascots of the soccer teams which where mostly animals' caricatures, to somehow mitigate the pain, boredom and confusion of who i was. It was not enough, I engaged in the destructive behavior at an early age and after 10 years of addiction I let go and attained recovery; it was at this point where I reencounter this medium to distract and dispute the triggers of my addiction. I have never taken a single class of art nor have i participated in any art exhibition. All surfaces are recycled postboard from printshops and frame shops. giving them a second chance is the reasuring the belief that life gives us more than one chance.
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