Jose Barbosa

Acrylic S/Canvas - 60x 80 cm
© 2018 Jose Barbosa

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Name: Jose Manuel Barbosa Date of birth: 06/09/1961 Naturalness: Bonfim - Port Nationality: Portuguese Dwelling: Aguas Saints - Mayan Profession: Administrative employee Initiation in the Painting: 1993 Literary Qualifications 9º Unified Year Escola(s)/Instituto(s) Primary School of the Bonfim - Port 2 secondary school Alexander Herculano - Port School of Decorative Arts To sound Dos Reis - Hobbies Port and pastimes To read, to hear music, to see television, computers and to walk á side sea. CURRICULUM HABILITAÇÔES - Autodidacta Frequentou the School of Decorative Arts To sound Dos Reis, in the period of 1973 the 1978. Although it always demonstrated interest for the arts, and the painting in particular, it started to dedicate the painting to it, in 1993, I begin it for trick, and later stimulated for friends, who had recognized it some capacity, starting since soon commercializing pictures sufficiently, having acceptance in the market.
PARTICIPAÇÔES It participated in collective expositions in the Galleries 1999 - Gallery VF (Porto)
1999 - Gallery 439 (Thorn)
2000 - Gallery VF (Porto)
2000 - Gallery D.Pereira (V.N.Gaia)
2001 - Gallery 439 (Thorn)
2001 - Gallery D.Pereira (V.N.Gaia)
2001 - Gallery VF (Porto)
2001 - Gallery Buizzart (Leça Palm)
2002 - Gallery VF (Porto)
2002 - D.Pereira Gallery (V.N.Gaia)
2003 - Gallery Homohabilis (Porto)
2003 - XX Coletciva Exposition of the partners of the Cooperative of Activities Artisticas ARVORE
2004 - Galery HomoHabilis (Porto)
2004 – Galery Fonseca’s (Porto)
2004 – Fort S.João Baptista of the Estuary (Port)

It participated in individual expositions in Galleries

2004 - Individual in the School of Dramatical Art of the Estuary of the Douro (Port)

It participated in Editions of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 of the Fair of Blue Chapim Art, in the park of S. Roque, with the sponsorship of the City council of the Port. It participated in the campaign TO GIVE to COLOR the TIMOR, initiative of the Periodical of the News, offering an acrylic s/tela, that it was auctionzed in 20/12/1999, reverting the money for aid to the Timorense People.
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