Josef Maršál

Josef Maršál: A New York sunday day /drypoint, 2000/
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Josef Maršál /1951-2003/ adherent to artists having relish for thumb sketch and technigue dry-point. He was born in Prague and studied at the Secondary college of Art of Prague /Hollar Place/, next he studied private /Roma, Venice/. He lived a long time in USA /New York, Coconut Grove/, where he maked portrait and figure drawings, free graphics, dry-points, watercolours and oil paintings. His works is inspirating the living of american streets. In America he illustrated also a few of christmas cards. In New York he arranged his first art exhibition. From America he writed many letters, where he narrate picturesquely of the american live and of typical american streets pedestrians. In New York he met with the czech photograph Bob Krčil, which in that time began write his first book about czech art commnunity in New York. In 1990 he went back to Czech republic to Prague. Here he created a lot of his author crafts - for example dry-points.
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