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Ghost Moon
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Joseph David Greenwood is an artist from Fresno, California. From the time his hands could hold a pencil he has been scribbling on any little piece of paper he could find. Still today, he scribbles on pieces of paper, only now he is older so he calls it drawing. Always walking the edge between reality and fantasy Joseph experiments with different mediums while trying to express his visions. Most of his work is with watercolor & acrylic, pastels, colored pencils, pen&ink, charcoal, oils, and digital graphics. His main goal is to capture the essence of his subject, to bring out the unique qualities which exist below the surface, and to bring out the thoughts and emotions behind his work.
"Art is something that has been with me throughout my life. Everyday new images flow into my head like a waterfall pounds into the river beneath. Creativity is something which drives my every moment. No matter where I am or what I am doing, there is always something else on my mind. Everything inspires me, life is a great inspiration. When I meet people, it is natural for me to observe the characteristics which define who they are, how they feel and think. I notice gestures, looks, which seem to be far more revealing than anything ever said. I like to get to know people on a deeper level, so in conversations I often find myself probing to find what the person in interested in, what they hold dear, how they feel about things. So when I do a portrait I usually try and capture a look which represents their true self, not the outer image. Animals too express themselves in non verbal manners. The cougar, the wolf, these are among my favorite animals because their gaze entrances me. They seem to possess such calm, such wisdom, and yet there lurks the proud hunter within. This is what draws me to animals, their primal urges meld seamlessly with the sensitivity and peace of the natural world. Mythology too is a great well of ideas and hidden within each tale there can be a cornacopia of insights into the true nature of our world. Everything around us was created, whether it be nature or technology. I believe that the gift of creativity lurks within us all, it is the essence of our being, it is the caged soul which we must set free in order to truely live. Limitation is death, imagination is infinite. Live in the infinite...and forever dream of things other."
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